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Throughout February I got the chance to try out some new products, but I also started loving some things that I already had laying around. I ordered a couple of things online and bought some goodies on my recent trip to Hamburg, which I have a separate post here. This time I decided to film my February favorites and in the video you may notice that the background is a little bit different and that’s because I just got new lights – they’re two soft boxes that I got from Amazon, which my friend Morten from suggested to me and I really like them so far, but I still need to learn how to adjust them a little bit better to make it look more flattering.

Products mentioned in the video:

Maybeline Master Camo color correcting kit

Huda Beauty eyeshadow palette

Michael Kors ‘Sexy Amber’ perfume

Kiko blush (similar)

Nelly sunglasses (rose gold)

Nelly sunglasses (blue)

Elf eyeshadow (not on their website, but can be found in regular drugstores/supermarkets)

Hope you enjoyed the video. I’m trying to post new videos every week, so hope you’ll tag along.


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