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Hamburg Trip | Part 1


Valentine’s Day was spent in Hamburg. I was there with 6 of my girlfriends and my mom where we stayed the night and then returned the day after. We mainly wanted to go shopping in Primark and eat some good food. We thought it was a good opportunity to get out and do something fun instead of just being at home during the winter break. We woke up early on the 14 and then took the train to Hamburg which was a 2 hour ride. I decided to try something new during my trip and that was to film a vlog, which is quite different from the typical blog posts where I just post pictures of the things that I bought.

On the first day we only went to the Billstedt Center. It had a lot of stores, but we were only going there for one thing – Primark. The sale in there was great and even the things that weren’t on sale were affordable. Our hotel was near the central station, which was perfect when we wanted to go to different places, another thing that was great about Hamburg was the underground trains because even though we didn’t speak German, we were still able to get to places without being completely lost.



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