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Valentino – Donna Hair Mist


If there’s one thing I love, it’s definitely perfumes and do you know what’s even better? Perfume for your hair. One of my favorite Arab fashionistas – Dalalid spoke about the Valentino – Donna hair mist a while ago and I decided that I’d really like to try it. Unfortunately, it was nowhere to be found here in Denmark, at least I couldn’t find it. I searched online, in different stores, but they only had the regular perfume and I wanted the hair mist. However, on my trip to London back in August, my mom, two friends and I went to Harrods and we stopped by the perfume department and if you haven’t guessed it yet – I found it there! The lady working there was so sweet and she told me that she loved using it as well. As I was paying she asked me if there was a reason that so many from the Middle East are buying the perfume.


She asked whether it was because Princess Victoria was using it. I had no idea Princess Victoria was using it, so I smiled at her and explained to her that I didn’t actually know that Princess Victoria was using it, but I saw a Kuwaiti fashionista (Dalalid) and decided that I wanted one as well. Well of course, not only because of that – I also really love the scent. I’m not a scent expert, but the scent is very feminine and according to the ingredients it contains: Italian bergamot, Bulgarian rose, iris absolute, patchouli, leather and vanilla. I don’t know why I thought there was oud in it. Oud is a very popular scent in the Middle East, which is why I really liked the perfume and it really reminds me of Kuwait. I haven’t used the perfume as much as I like to, but it’s only because I haven’t gone to any major parties since August. I think I need to arrange something very soon.


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