Polka Dots in the City

90s Girl

New month means payday and I decided to go shopping with my roommate and close friend. We went to the mall and went crazy (at least my friend did.) I knew I needed a new pair of boots and they weren’t allowed to be black.

We went to H&M and I spotted these gorgeous dark camel boots, while looking at them I imagined all the outfits that would go great with these boots and in that moment I decided that they were coming home with me. Gina Tricot had this new range and everything was 90s related, which is also how I spotted the tee dress I’m wearing. I originally wanted a grey one, which said 1995 (my birth year) but it wasn’t exactly the color I was looking for – so I went for the one I’m wearing in the pictures. The long cardigan/jacket (I’ve completely forgot what they’re called) is from Primark and I bought it on my trip to London in August.

The bag I’m wearing is from Versace Jeans. I got it from the annual outlet they have in Copenhagen where you can get great designer items for low prices. It’s the perfect size – there’s space for my makeup bag, my card holder, charger and whatever else I’m bringing.

I think my absolute favorite accessories are rings. They make you look so sophisticated, stylish and really put your outfit together. I like mixing and matching – the ones I’m wearing are from different places – secondhand stores, travels etc.

Outfit details:

  • Jacket/Cardigan – Primark
  • Tee dress – Gina Tricot
  • Jeans – Gina Tricot
  • Boots – H&M
  • Bag – Versace Jeans
  • Hijab – Kuwait

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