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Calvin Klein – Sheer Beauty

Recently I received a gift from a very dear friend of mine. She came by with a lovely gift, which turned out to be the Calvin Klein – Sheer Beauty perfume. I love the pink color as it matches my room at the moment. I don’t usually choose a theme color for my bedroom due to the fact that I quickly change my mind about the colors and it also allows me to redecorate as often as I want – I’ve got this craziness from my mom (she changes the livingroom decor every two weeks.)

However, for some reason one of my base colors always turn out to be pink, I have no idea why. The scent is quite light and fresh, which is something I’ve been longing for quite a while since I’ve been going all in with my wintery perfumes. It’s a nice change from the usuals and I typically don’t like using the same perfume for a long period of time, unless it’s my absolute favorite – like the Juicy Couture ones, they are just amazing. This may be an odd description of a perfume scent, but I feel like it’s really business-y and here’s why: It doesn’t have that fruity and flirty scent like the Juicy ones, but rather it’s making a statement and is more bold, which is what makes this perfume so lovely.



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